Hire a Professional to Build a Culture of Trust

Trust Edge Coaches know how to improve your culture and solve your business challenges. When you hire a Trust Edge Coach, you gain a vast wealth of resources that will help you build a culture of trust.

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Sydne Jacques

Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Coaching Focus: Sydne has a deep strength in working with technical teams and has a passion for bringing teams into alignment by increasing trust and effective communication.
Bio: Sydne is a professional engineer turned CEO. This farm girl from Montana implements models that really stick with clients and have a long lasting positive effect.

Charles Guillemette

Location: Bécancour (Québec) Canada
(819) 233-4222
Coaching Focus: Business strategy. Attracting and retaining top talent. Increase the happiness factor of your employees.
Bio: Bacc in leisure, culture and tourism. Happy Trust Edge coach. Great expertise in strategic planning. Passionate about employer branding and human relations in business.

Tya Adhitama

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Coaching Focus: Tya’s Solution-Focused Approach identifies the root cause of an issue and helps you develop a detailed, measurable action plan to achieve your goal(s) and vision.
Bio: Coach | Consultant | International Speaker | Author. 38+ years in manufacturing, banking, professional training, education, philanthropy, as well as C-suite and board roles.

Ty Jernstedt

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Coaching Focus: Leadership, team development, inclusion, employee experience, EQ, trust
Bio: Ty has been a certified coach since 2005 and worked for companies such as Nike, Zalando, and Converse.

Marcus Bigelow

Location: Sacramento, CA
Coaching Focus: Executive Coaching at CEO/Owner level and C-suite coaching
Family Business Coachiing
Leadership Team/Management Training
Bio: I have been coaching CEO’s and Owners for 9 years. We focus on leadership growth and organization health at th.e executive team level

Terence Cheong

Location: Singapore
Coaching Focus: As Asia Certified ‘The Trust Edge’ Facilitator, I’m inspired to introduce how trust framework is able to help one improve on communications and relationships.
Bio: Terence has accumulated a wide range of sales, marketing, strategic planning skills in various local and MNC in the past 25.

Gabriel Achayo

Location: Nairobi
Coaching Focus: Teams and Individuals seeking to expand their influence and performance in the following areas: Self, Family, Teams, Organization, and Community.
Bio: I have for over 12 years spent my life working with emerging leaders in areas of mentorship, coaching, training, capacity building, and networking.

Michelle Backes

Location: Lindstrom, MN
Coaching Focus: I speak, coach and train across industries! My specialty is in Education and Athletics.
Bio: Michelle is a Senior Certified Trust Edge Consultant, WNBA chaplain of the Minnesota Lynx, and an educator and mentor to many. As part of the Trust Edge team, she passionately shares practical strategies and tools for developing a high-trust culture in your work and life!

J.P. Winker

Location: Saint Paul
Coaching Focus: Our focus is on growing organizations without the drama that often accompanies growth. Our clients are inclusive, and make a positive impact in the world.
Bio: As an executive, I have VP’d Operations, Business Development, and Human Resources in companies including Fortune 500, privately-held companies, family-owned, and startups.

Dave Cornell

Location: Fergus Falls, MN
Coaching Focus: Dave’s coaching focus is to help leaders grow in trust through recognizing the impact of each of the 8 pillars in the workplace.
Bio: Dave’s background is in Sales, Sales Management and Training & Development. He has served as a Senior Consultant with Trust Edge Leadership Institute for eight years.